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Project in Spain, 2023

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  • Launch the APPVESTOR brand to the general public
  • Stand out from competitors at the Mobile World Congress
  • Drive traffic to the stand

Project explorer

City and Year: Barcelona, 2023
Size: 60 m2
Project Description: APPVESTOR booked a very complicated booth space with two columns and multiple height restrictions at MWC23. Our first and very complicated task was to create a distribution concept that absorbs all restrictions while integrating all desired features and functional areas. The outcome was a comfortable branded space with Nordic design elements made out of a leveled facade with wooden slats, organic shapes and green elements.  The APPVESTOR brand has come to life through different signature elements. The lounge is formed by a branded wall made out of spray painted cubes in APPVESTOR shapes, some of them lit, that grow towards the ceiling. The wall visually continues with eclectic lamps in APPVESTOR shapes installed on different heights at the lounge ceiling. The column at the entrance of the stand was converted into an element with multiple functions: at the lateral sides of the pillar touch screens presented in light frames invited clients to leave their contact data whereas the back of the column was converted into a cupboard for storing luggage.  Finally, a floating bar, a meeting room, a lounge, a presentation area, a lead generation space and one storage room were fit into the  60 sqm space.
Main Features & Services:
  • Nordic design with wooden slats
  • Layered façade structure
  • Clean lines and soft forms
  • Signature cube wall & cube lamps
  • Glowing column
  • Floating coffee bar
  • Living room meeting lounge
  • Branded cell phone chargers, chocolates, cookies, water, pens and coffee cups.


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