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Industry / Sector: Industry / Cloud-native automation and analytics solutions

Project in Spain, 2023

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  • Relaunch of the Elisa Polystar brand
  • Stand out from competitors at the Mobile World Congress
  • Create brand value and maximize brand recognition

Project explorer

City and Year: Barcelona, 2023
Size: 80 m2
Project Description: The stand is designed to be minimalistic, with a fluid form and smooth curves. An impressive hanging signage sculpture with an infinity glowing wave design is an  eye-catcher throughout the hall, ensuring maximum visibility of the Elisa Polystar brand and booth. The custom printed vinyl floor creates a perfect branded environment, creating a visual connection with the fluidity of the wall shapes and the suspended element with organic shapes. .  The stand layout aims to perfectly fit all space and service requirements within a space that had several restrictions such as a column with fire extinguishing equipment and construction limitations being able to fully cover only 50% of all open sides.  Two meeting rooms, one lounge, one storage, reception and three demo station with integrated cupboards are designed for the stand.
Main Features & Services:
  • Infinite wave design
  • Fluid layered shapes
  • 80m2 signature suspended wooden sculpture
  • Layered wall structures
  • Infinite light stripes
  • Customized floor with brand visual identity
  • Furniture with organic shapes
  • Maximum use of given space with 3 demo stations, 2 meeting enclosed executive rooms, 1 demo lounge, 1 reception counter and 1 storage room


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