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Industry / Sector: / Software for mission-critical intelligent systems

Project in Spain, 2023

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  • Stand out from competitors at the Mobile World Congress
  • Handling several simultaneous events at the same space
  • Increase brand visibility

Project explorer

City and Year: Barcelona, 2023
Size: 170 m2
Project Description: The Wind River booth design is modern and minimalist with brand elements used both in wall shapes, ceiling elements, textures and colors. Two suspended supersize signature lamps at the entrance of the stand highlight the demo area where products of Wind River and key partners such as Dell and Intel are exposed on customized demo desks on lit circular platforms. A coffee bar lounge with flexible seating possibilities and light ceiling invites booth visitors to discuss more details after a meeting in a more informal setting and enjoy a coffee while doing so.  At the reception counter visitors could check in for one of the two spacious meeting rooms with customized furniture and integrated greenery or sign up for a speed workshop that took place every hour at a semi-open seminar space with integrated audio system and smart white board.  The brand elements such as circles made out of light or metal were engraved on strategic positions around the booth. Wall cut outs in the form of a slats filled with glass in both the semi-open workshop and soundproof meeting rooms created a very open, relaxed and spacious meeting atmosphere.
Main Features & Services:
  • Minimalist lounge design
  • Signature lamps of 2m diameter
  • Floating Lounge ceilings
  • Irregular shaped demo stations
  • Supersize CNC-cut metallic & light brand elements
  • Soundproof executive Meeting Zone
  • 170m2 booth includes: 3 demo stations, Coffee bar & lounge with 3m LED wall, Reception counter, Semi-private workshop space, 2 garden meeting rooms and a back-Office
  • Branded notebooks, pens, water, bags, cookies, information signs, flyers, napkins and coffee cups


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