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Industry / Sector: IT / Mobile Advertising

Project in Spain, 2023

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  • Stand out from competitors at the Mobile World Congress
  • Increase brand visibility

Project explorer

City and Year: Barcelona, 2023
Size: 170 m2
Project Description:  APPNEXT's 40m2 stand is designed to show a modern and dynamic feel of the space. It includes irregular wall shapes and light stripe triangles which supplements the energetic brand color. A supersize back lighted visual box which passes over two main walls brings visibility to the stand and communicate its content with the audience. A customized reception counter offers an interactive area and offers a bag station and options to customize them. There is a designed mobile demo pods, and a big mobile phone screen on the façade. Additionally, the booth has a meeting lounge with a self-service coffee bar, and a storage room.
Main Features & Services:
  • Glowing booth design
  • Supersize retro-illuminated visual wall
  • Irregular wall shapes
  • Light stripe triangles
  • Customized reception counter & bag station
  • Designed demo pods
  • Mobile phone screen



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